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A Whole Lotta Firsts

I’ve had a lot of first dates and I just haven’t felt spark. I’ve felt a little spark with a few so I asked for a second date, which resulted in no spark. What am I doing wrong?

What you’re doing wrong is feeling defeated because you haven’t felt a spark. What you’re doing right is not trying to force a spark when the woodpile is soaking wet. But the most correct thing you’re doing is continuing to put yourself out there until you find that spark.

Dating is a numbers game- the more you meet new people, the greater the chance of finding that elusive spark. It’s very easy to feel discouraged, but you simply can’t give into that. Try adopting NASA’s mantra- Failure is Not an Option- and act accordingly. Stay true to your mission, keep positive and before you know it you’ll find combustible material!

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time and I’m scared to death. Any tips?

Here’s great news… they’re just as apprehensive as you! It’s only normal to be nervous when meeting the parents. The best course of action is to be yourself and remember that these new friends must be great people because they raised a guy as great as your boyfriend. And if their “baby” cares enough to bring you to them, then they know you’re special and will treat you as such. Enjoy the moment and embrace making a new connection with these important people!

I’ve had several dates with a great guy and we’ve reached a point where hitting the sheets is inevitable. It’s been a while since I’ve slept with anyone and I’m really nervous.

Deep breath, shake it off and remember that it’s also the first time he’ll be sleeping with you. Don’t stress out and put unnecessary pressure on yourself- focus on enjoying being with a guy who you care about. As for the “mechanics”… it’s like riding a bike- it will all come back to you and you’ll be great.

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