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Smart Cookies

It’s the New Year and like every one before it I make the resolutions to lose weight and gain a boyfriend. And like every year I’m unsuccessful at both. What can I do to actually make these resolutions happen?

Resolutions are a lot like a plate of chocolate chip cookies in your kitchen… you want them, they ‘re in reach but have to make an effort to grab them. Only you can decide how badly you want them and if they’re worth the energy to savor. The cookies will taste great but the sweet success of realizing a resolution is way more satisfying.

I suggest focusing on getting in shape first, just as you stated in your question. Talk to a nutritionalist and a personal trainer; don’t think of their services as expensive but as a necessity to get you going successfully. If you make getting in shape a priority and do things to support it, you’ll be successful. Once you’ve made some strides in your weight loss mission and when it feels right, set your sights on the love life. Meet some new people, date a few guys and before you know it you’ll find the right one worthy of your investment. You’ve got this as long as you really want it.

I’ve been dating for six months and I don’t think this person is my forever. I’ve been trying to force myself into a more accepting mindset but it’s not working and at the same time I’m too afraid to end it because I don’t want to start over.

Forcing yourself into an accepting mindset is what you do when you go to dinner with friends and you don’t pick the restaurant. This is not how you proceed in a relationship. Your future Ex deserves better, and you do too.

Time to brave up and be a smart cookie- end the relationship for both of your sakes. The moving on part is scary, but obviously you were looking when you met this person- you have the skills to date. You can do it again, just don’t sell yourself short and settle on someone just because you don’t want to be single.

A co-worker asked me out, and I’m 99% sure I’m not interested. But I kinda am… what should I do?

Humor the one percent- go out for coffee and see what this person is like outside of the office. Either the 1% will gain a few followers and you’ll want a second date, or the 1% will join the 99% and you’re done. The only way to know is to go!

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