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Dating during a pandemic has been interesting. Thanks to online dating I’ve met several guys and most of them led to a “FaceTime” date and a few even resulted in an in-person, socially distanced meet-up. The problem is that most of these guys don’t live up to the pics they post. In person they're older, a little chubbier and their swim with the dolphins obviously wasn’t last month. Why do guys do this?

In a world of change, some things stay the same… and that would be the choices daters make when it comes to posting pics. Singles can be advised over and over to post current pictures, but sadly some refuse to listen. The bottom line… when the pic says John Wayne look-alike and in person you get John Candy, the chances of buy-in are drastically reduced. Keep swiping and dating responsibly… you’ll eventually find someone with pictures matching their now.

These days, is it wrong to ask for a temperature check before going on a date?

It should be a given that before an in-person date, both show up to the party feeling groovy and with a normal temperature. If someone requires the reminder of a temperature check, do you really see things getting hot with them?

I broke up with my girlfriend before the shutdown, and I haven’t even thought about dating. I haven’t gone online and as I approach a year of being single I’m not feeling the urge to date. Is that wrong?

It would only be wrong if you wanted to date and you weren’t. Of course it’s a challenge to date during a pandemic, but the upside is that you’ve taken the time to focus on you. When you’re ready to put yourself out there, you’ll be more than ready.

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