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Because of the virus, my wife and I haven’t taken a vacation in over a year. I really need a change of scenery and want to take a week away but she’s refusing to consider going. What can I say to convince her that we can take a trip and be responsible?

You weren’t specific about the destination you’d like visit, so I’ll give you three things to consider that don’t require a specific location but could alleviate your wife’s concerns:

  1. Travel by car, avoiding airport crowds.

  2. Choose lodging that’s remote. Be it a cabin or an Air BnB, avoiding a hotel crowd is a great way to go.

  3. Make most of your meals at your home away from home. Find lodging with a kitchen and try making things you wouldn’t eat at home. Cooking together can be flirty and fun!

My company just hired my Ex. We’re not on the same team working on the same projects, but it’s not the smallest firm and everyone knows everyone. How should I handle dealing with him?

Your approach should be one of crisp, friendly professionalism. Handle your Ex like you would any new member of the company, and if that means welcoming them then do just that. Don’t borrow trouble and keep up the professional mindset; chances are your Ex’s approach is identical.

A co-worker asked me out, and I’m 99% sure I’m not interested. But I kinda am… what should I do?

As long as inter-office dating is permissible, humor the one percent- go out for coffee and see what this person is like outside of the office. Either the 1% will gain a few followers and you’ll want a second date, or the 1% will join the 99% and you’re done. The only way to know is to go!

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