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Cut, Cut, Choose

I really dislike spending time with my partner’s family. They’re very dismissive, unwelcoming and it’s never a good time for me. I’ve tried talking to my partner about it, but he thinks it’s no big deal. He says its just how they are. Would it be totally wrong not to spend Thanksgiving with them this year?

I understand why you wouldn’t want to spend a holiday with them- they don’t sound like a lot of fun. But instead of cutting them loose, perhaps you should focus on who you would be sharing a turkey with- your partner. You can handle anything for three or four hours; swallow it up and enjoy the pumpkin pie because its a sign that the meal is almost over. If you still find it unbearable, wait until the holidays are over and address the situation again.

I’ve been dating someone for six months and I’m not happy with the relationship. I don’t see anything changing to make it different, and in spite of that I can’t bring myself to end it.

Either deep down you do think there’s hope or you’re simply prolonging the inevitable. If you’re not happy and don’t see any way to create happiness, consider doing the right thing for yourself and your partner and cut the cord. If you think there’s a shot at happiness, then talk to your partner and together do the work required to get your relationship on track. It’s going to take diligence, but once you choose a path

you’ll enjoy the relief brought about by making a decision and starting an action plan. Either way you’ll both be on the road to new opportunities- together or apart.

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