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Social Distance Insistances

My husband and I went to what we thought was going to be an intimate gathering of friends. When we got there, we discovered fifty- some people all without masks and not distancing. We know most of them but still… no masks and no distancing. We stayed less than 15 minutes and bolted, and now the hosts are pissed at us for not staying and being part of the fun.

If you stayed and partied everything could have been fine… or perhaps not. You and your husband decided not to roll the dice and there’s nothing wrong with that- it’s simply your choice. You have to do what’s comfortable for you and the hosts should understand that. They can appreciate your viewpoint and move on… or perhaps not. Regardless, you did the right thing for you- don’t second guess.

I’m been chatting with a few guys on a few Apps since the beginning of the shutdown. It’s August and they all still refuse to get together in person. It’s not like I’m suggesting meeting in a crowd- I’ve suggested grabbing a coffee and hitting a bench for an in-person conversation while masked and practicing social distancing. I’m always turned down. Why do you think this is?

It’s one of two things… maybe you’re chatting online with cautious people who take the protocols of the day seriously, and if so you have no choice but to ride out the restrictions and meet at a later date. Or maybe you’re chatting with people who would never want to take it offline regardless of the current situation. Follow your Spidey Senses- some are worth the wait.

I was invited to a wedding this month and even though I really want to go and it’s only going to be family, I’m not sure about going. I feel going is irresponsible.

Sending a lovely gift along with your regrets is totally fine if you feel icky about attending. If you want to be part of the celebration, you can always do so responsibly- mask on, maintain distance and forgo the hugs and handshakes. A happy medium would be to attend the ceremony and bow out of the reception where the masks will be off while enjoying a meal. Times like this, especially with family, you’ll find that not attending or partially attending will be met with zero pushback. Do what you think is right.

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