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I just found out that my Ex has been dating my friend for the last six months. During the time I’ve seen my friend and not a word has been said. What should I do?

As difficult as it might be, I would do nothing except rejoice in the fact that two people who obviously deserve each other have found each other. Silently wish them luck and move on from both. You’re better served by not confronting the “friend” because any way you cut it it will be a negative experience. Instead put yourself in a positive space by focusing on yourself, your future and the great friends you have.

My boyfriend told me that a mutual friend hit on him. He was very upfront about it and told me his response (which was pretty brutal). What should I say to the friend?

Seems like your boyfriend said it all so why waste your time reiterating his strong message that was obviously loud and clear? Sit back and smile is what you should do… smile because you made a great choice in a boyfriend and smile because your former friend clearly agrees.

I was approached by a couple to be a third in what would be a permanent poly relationship. They simply asked me on a date. I admit I’m curious, but I’m not sure if the Poly Life is for me.

If you’re curious and you’re interested in both (yes, both), then there’s really no harm in going on a date. A date will give you a glimpse of them as individuals, as a couple and what it could be like if you decided to go further, If you feel comfortable with them, I would suggest discussing what it is that you’re not sure about regarding Poly relationships, It’s a great opportunity to get some answers that will one way or another clarify if Poly is for you.

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