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Alone Again, Unnaturally

My boyfriend dumped me the week before Sheltering in Place orders were given. Luckily we didn’t live together and deep down I know the relationship wasn’t my forever one. Now I’m alone at my place wallowing in self pity that I’m single again. How do I break the funk if I can’t get out to get over it?

You already found one silver lining to containment…. you and your Ex didn’t live together. You found another in admitting that the relationship wasn’t so great to begin with. Keep looking because there are more silver linings yet to be realized- and you don’t need to be out to accomplish that. You’ll find those silver linings by spending the alone time focusing on you and your growth. Taking an online class or working on re-arranging your living space is a great way to spend time. Putting the focus on you now will prepare you and your mindset when this is over and you’re back out on the dating scene.

I had two dates with a guy before all this sheltering in place started, and the momentum appears to be lost. I’ve tried calling him, but he’s not responding. Should I keep trying?

Perhaps his lack of response is amplified because everything else has pretty much come to a stand-still, or perhaps it’s a case where no response is in fact a response. You made your move to keep the communication going- now the ball is in his court. As hard as it may be, you’ve got to wait it out knowing that a call might never come.

Sheltering in Place has killed my online “dating” (ok… hookups). Even when we both swipe right everybody is afraid to meet up and it’s killing me.

It might feel like it’s killing you but trust me, you’ll survive. Keep your pants on…. it’s only for now.

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