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I Do, I Don't, I Might

My partner’s brother is getting married and considering how his family isn’t friendly towards me nor are they accepting of our relationship, I wasn’t surprised to be excluded from the invitation. Sure, it sucks for me, but it really sucks for my partner. He refuses to go to the wedding if I’m not welcome. Is that the right choice?

It might be the right choice for him- it’s his call to make. I see where you don’t want to be the reason for fallout between your partner and his family, but you should remember that this isn’t about you- it’s about his family accepting him and the life he’s living. Support his decision either way, and let the chips fall where they may. As a strong couple, you’ll find your way through it and come out of it stronger.

I recently became engaged and as word of it spread it got to my Ex. He called me expressing his remorse for the breakup and wants a second chance. I’m conflicted- I love them both in different ways.

I hope you’re a believer in long engagements because you’ve got some serious thinking and soul-searching to do. I would start with thinking about why you said no to continuing the relationship with your Ex. Then I would think about why you said yes to your fiancée. You say you love them both in different ways, but how about the different ways they each express their love, devotion and respect to you? Really think about this, make a choice and cut one lose- the sooner the better for everyone.

My boyfriend of a year just proposed, and I didn’t say yes. He’s disappointed and frankly furious with me to the point I think he’ll end the relationship. I’m just not ready, and not sure if I ever will be.

It took bravery to answer the question honestly, and even though it wasn’t the answer he wanted it was your truth. You expressed your truth and now you have to return the favor. You may not like his reaction and his response might not be what you wanted, but you have to accept it just like he did.

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