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Oh, Baby!

My husband and I have always said we wanted children. We’ve been married for three years and I want to get the ball rolling, however now he’s dragging his feet. He wants to wait another year at least and is now questioning the whole idea. I’m not sure what brought about his change of heart.

You need to get sure about what brought about his change of heart. Give him a couple months and bring up his hesitation. Odds makers would probably place their bet on it being a financial reason; maybe he wants to be more secure career-wise and financially. The only way to understand is to know and the only way to know is to give him the safe space to answer. Hear him out, help him out and as a couple you’ll figure out a game plan.

My married buddies hired a surrogate and are expecting a baby. I’ve been invited to the baby shower and I have no idea what to expect let alone what to take as a gift. This baby thing is way outside my box.

The shower is just a party- food, drinks and laughs- you’ll be fine. Watch out for the games because they can be a little crazy but nothing you can’t handle. As for the gift, since this baby thing is outside of your box you should give a memorable gift that’s outside the box as well. Go to the college bookstore website for each of your friend’s alma maters and pick up a baby sweatshirt and ball cap from each (be sure to go up a size or two- they grow so fast!). Add in a couple books for story time (always a great baby gift!) and you’ve got the gift everyone would wish they thought of giving.

We have friends with kids and although we enjoy hanging out with them, sometimes we’d like to host an adults only party. How do I tell my friends to get a babysitter without offending them?

Simply say, “This round is for just the big kids, and I’m sure you’d love to have a Dad’s Night Out. Let’s plan hanging with the kids in a couple weeks, OK?”. They’ll understand and either hire a babysitter or decide not to come- ball in their court (and I bet they procure a sitter faster than you can say Hot Wheels).

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