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Valentine’s Day is a yearly reminder that I’m single, frustrated and just can’t seem to find the right kind of guy to love. I don’t see this love thing happening for me- no matter how much I want it.

Valentine’s Day is about all sorts of love. Since you don’t have romantic love this year, focus on the other things you love and love you back. I’m sure there’s a lot of love there, and make that love your spotlight for the day. As for not seeing romantic love in your future, take some time to really think about your current strategy on how you’re trying to find it. Sometimes the road map needs to be tweaked to reach the desired destination. Try changing up your plan of attack and get back on the road with the positive intention that you WILL get there. I know the wait and the dating journey can be frustrating, but you’ve got to keep your eye on the prize and not give up. I believe you’ve got this… now it’s your turn to believe as well.

I’m a boy on a budget, but I really want to give my boyfriend a great Valentine. I just can’t afford a fancy restaurant or a really expensive gift. Any ideas of what I can do on the cheap that will deliver the same kind of splash?

You’ve already given your Valentine the splashiest gift of all… your heart! Don’t fall into the guilt trap of feeling the need to overspend just to reiterate something he already knows. Valentine's Day is not about maxing out a credit card. As for his gift, I would go totally old school and make him a fantastic dinner and write him a love letter. Taking pen to paper and truly telling someone what they mean to you sometimes gets lost in our world of FaceTime and Texting. Leave the letter where he can find it while you’re finishing dinner. By the time you serve the salad, he’ll be totally blown away over your words…. so much so you might put dinner on hold and skip right to dessert.

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