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Date with a Suitcase and a Date That's Hit the Road

I’m getting several dates from my online dating profile, but the one guy I really like is from Chicago. I’m in NYC. We text all the time, talk every night, and I’m really wanting to meet him in person. I’m just afraid of the fireworks that I’m sure will happen. I’m afraid of the complications the distance would bring. Help!

This is the problem when you “shop” for dates outside of a 30-mile radius. Distance is a big challenge, and when you begin communicating with someone that’s a plane ride away you’re opening yourself up to some problems. However, you’re also opening yourself up to some possibilities.

You’re already in the situation so you might as well see it through in spite of challenges the fireworks may bring. Considering the geography. I suggest meeting him for a weekend in Pittsburgh. It’s a good halfway point, and there’s a lot to do in Pittsburgh, making for a memorable first real date. Check out the Warhol Museum or maybe even a baseball game. Do a little research prior and each of you pick out an activity. Spend a lot of time talking. At the end, you may decide that the connection leads to a great friendship. Or this may turn out to be the love of your life. You’re in it this far- see it to the finish line! Good luck!

Why do guys never call back after a great first date?

Good question… and I’ve asked myself the same thing more times than I want to admit. Instead of asking that question, perhaps you should ask yourself this one… “Why do I give a damn about a guy that isn’t calling me back after a great first date?”. Whatever his reason may be, it doesn’t change the outcome- Round Two isn’t a priority to him. Keep looking for that great first date with a guy that WANTS to make seeing you again a priority. It will happen, trust me.

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