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Recently I ran into some friends of my Ex and what used to be a friendship turned into them totally shunning me. I ended the relationship with my Ex because he was cheating and they all know that. Why is it that they seem to blame me?

Breakups usually include an unspoken custody agreement regarding the pre-relationship friends. What’s yours is yours and what’s his stays with him. Sometimes this agreement can be augmented if a friend disputes and aligns themselves with the former partner of their friend. If these old friends choose to burn a bridge, the best thing to do is let them. No need to give them a match or react over the smoke… happily move on, wish them well and leave them in the ashes.

I’ve heard from several people that my Ex is talking crap about me, saying a lot of untruths and exaggerating our breakup in order to save face. How do I combat this?

That’s easy… you don’t. Rise above the word on the street spoken by those who no longer play a role in your story. You kicked your Ex to the curb so it’s no big surprise to hear about gutter talk; your reaction is to simply have no reaction. Listening to his words and reacting to them gives life to his voice and there’s no productive reason to do that.

My Ex and I ended our relationship on good terms- dare I say we remained friendly and cordial when in the same room. He’s now dating someone and the friendliness is out the window… he won’t say more than “hi” and his new boyfriend just stares daggers. What gives?

Chances are the new guy isn’t comfortable with his new boyfriend being friendly with his Ex. When you find yourself in a scenario where they are present, keep being friendly because the reception you’re receiving isn’t reflective of your actions; it’s about their insecurity.

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