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Walls Up, Walls Down

I went on a date with a guy who’s profile jazzed me but after meeting him in person I realized he was not for me. At the end of the date I thanked him, but told him that I didn’t think it was a match. The problem is that he refuses to take no for an answer. He calls and texts asking for another chance… and I don’t want to give one. How do I get him to understand no means no?

It sounds like you’re confident in your feelings and your answer. It also sounds like you you were honest with him when you expressed that you don’t want a second date. If he doesn’t get it, it’s his problem. Block him on your phone, block him on Social Media and go on living your best life. Sometimes it takes a brick wall of block to hammer home reality, so build that wall!

I’ve had a few dates with a guy who I like a lot. He’s sexy and funny and appears to be very into me as well. The problem is that he’s very guarded when talking about himself. He shares very little about himself, so much so that after three dates I’m not really sure what he does for a living. How do I get him to open up?

If he’s cute, funny and he’s into you, then he’s worth the risk of asking an honest question like ”I really don’t know that much about you and I want to… care to share a little bit more?”. If he has a problem with the question and an issue with opening up, then he obviously has a reason. Regardless of the reason why his walls are up (and maybe it’s a good one that can be overcome) it’s a relationship red flag if he refuses to tell you about himself. Regardless of how sexy and funny he is, if he doesn’t break down the wall it might be best to cut bait and keep fishing.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over six months and he’s met my family but refuses to allow me to meet his. Whenever I bring it up he changes the subject. How do I get to the bottom of this?

You get to the bottom of it by taking the subject back to your question. There’s no reason to approach it from a place of anger or use an accusatory attitude in your ask. It’s just a question- and the answer is important to you. Let him know that regardless of the answer you’re on his side.

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