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Trying Parents

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for six months and he wants me to meet his parents. I’m very nervous about this because from what I’m told they didn’t like anyone their son dated. How do I handle this and make a great first impression?

Start off by thinking best case scenario… they’ve never liked your predecessors because they’ve been holding out for you. Hold onto that mindset when the meeting happens- positive thoughts bring about positive results. As for your “presentation”, it’s best to just be yourself. Wear something nice yet comfortable and just be yourself. Being yourself got you the boyfriend, right? Serving up authentic has a proven track record of success so don’t deviate… you’ve got this!

My partner is still very close to the family of his Ex. His Ex and he are cordial but the relationships he has with the family are rather substantial. Should I be concerned about this?

It’s quite a testimony about your partner that the family of his Ex still embraces him and continues a relationship. Obviously they aren’t required to continue a relationship post-breakup and the fact that they freely do really says that your partner is a fantastic guy. I would say you have no concerns; what you have is boyfriend approval from an additional , unexpected family. And if they welcome you into the fold you should be open to it… you might just see how wonderful they are for yourself.

My husband’s family has embraced me from Day One, and believe me I’m grateful and I really care for them too. The problem is that they’re constantly popping over, calling us or asking us to come over. It’s hard to say no and harder to not answer the door.

Sure, you could establish boundaries to which they’ll agree with a smile to hide the disappointment. I say enjoy them while you can and be grateful for a supportive family unit. And remember that sometimes it’s ok to say “so sorry we can’t join you this time” and do so with disappointment to hide your smile.

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