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Thanks to the vaccine I’m ready to start meeting dates in person and I’m a little nervous. It’s been so long since I’ve had a face-to-face conversation and I’m not sure where to start when on a date. Any pointers or refreshers?

Hopefully you know how to ride a bike, because date conversations will come back to you just like riding one. Let the conversation flow; keep it fun and flirty and always remember to listen and ask interesting follow-up questions. Have fun- no room for fear because you’ll be too busy meeting a groovy someone new!

I met a guy online during COVID and we chatted for several months. Out of the blue the guy just ghosts me- not one word for weeks. He just texted me asking if we could meet up. Should I go on a date with a ghost?

Before making any decision you need to know all the facts. You should ask him about the disappearing act because there might be a reasonable excuse for it. You obviously like the guy so you owe it to yourself to learn why he ghosted you. Knowledge is power- once you know, you’ll realize what move to make.

What’s the best thing and the worst thing to discuss on a first date?

The worst is easy- never talk about your Ex or anything of or pertaining to your past relationships. Your date doesn’t wants to know this information on a first meeting. As for the best, choose topics that make you smile when you discuss them. I realize that’s a bit open ended, but it can be your job, your hobbies and even your dog (especially the dog!). And don’t forget to listen and respond- being 100% engaged with what they have to say is very sexy.

What 300WORDS are best for you?

Email your question and the next 300WORDS might just be yours!

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