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My boyfriend has a problem with my friends and family. He feels that I spend too much time with them and he’s not interested in getting to know them outside of the superficial (he’s always included, by the way). What can I do to get him to embrace them?

If he’s having a problem with your other relationships, especially your family, it might be that he’s insecure or simply wants you to himself. Before you make any move, talking out the why is necessary, letting him know that family and friends are super important to you as is your relationship with him. If he’s secure in knowing that in your eyes the “boyfriend position” is on top, maybe he’ll give your posse a try. If not, you might want to consider his unwillingness a red flag.

My wife is always pissed when I do things for others. Honestly I believe it’s one of my most endearing qualities, but she’s super offended and accuses me of not caring about her because I care about family and friends.

The sooner your wife realizes that acts of service for others take nothing away from her standing in your life, the sooner she’s going to be happy and you’re going to feel relief. Sounds like she’s feeling insecure, so turn up your attentiveness a notch or two and try to include her in your helpful activities. If she feels part of your desire to help others she might just embrace it.

I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is cheating. I haven’t caught him yet but I can’t escape the feeling that something is amiss. Should I confront him about it?

Perhaps you should spend less time trying to catch him cheating and more time trying to understand why you’re feeling this way with zero substantiation. There’s a lot to be said about one’s Spidey Sense, but proof is paramount before making a judgement, let alone acting on it. If you feel something isn’t right you should discuss it with him, listen to him and try to work through it.

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