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I’ll be so happy when this election is over because it’s all my Dates can talk about. There’s such divisiveness out there and when politics comes up on a date I feel like unless there’s 100% agreement the date is over. How do you dodge politics?

The election may be almost over, but politics will still exist on November 4th and for all the days following… until the end of time. The reality is that you’ll never be able to dodge politics, but how you deal with differences and similarities is the real winning move. I agree that politics doesn’t make for a great first date topic, but if political philosophy is super important to you or your potential mate you have to address it. When doing so, be honest about your stance and open to listening to theirs. Finding common ground and building upon it is what you need to to instead of dodging.

My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago and we’re both in the process of moving out of our shared apartment. We’ve managed to keep it friendly, but I really, really want to tell him off before the last box is loaded. Should I do it?

Ask yourself where your energy should go… should it go to telling someone off who’s likely not give a damn about your words OR should it go to propelling yourself to the next great chapter of your story? A wise woman once said to “give them what they don’t expect”. Saying nothing and avoiding emotional escalation might just be the sharpest blade at the knife fight… and it involves zero energy.

Even though the 2020 Election is almost over I’m 100% sure that I never want to date a Republican. I could never get involved with someone who supported anyone in that party, especially Trump. Is it wrong to feel that way?

Never apologize for non-negotiables because it’s your prerogative to say what’s acceptable for you and your future. If you’re happy and committed to your non-negotiables you’ll eventually find someone who fits perfectly.

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