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Questions of Time

My mom is 70 and she wants to marry her boyfriend of twenty years. I really like the guy but just don’t see the need to make it legal after all these years and I’m having a hard time getting on board with this.

Your mom and her future husband have had twenty years to cement their relationship and if they want to make it legal it’s understandably their right to do so- whenever they want to do so. I suggest getting on the wedding bandwagon and do so with a smile on your face. If this is something they really want, it’s time to offer support and acceptance.

I “ran into” my college boyfriend at our virtual class reunion. We’re both single, live in the same town and the spark seems to still be there. Is it crazy to start dating my college Ex?

It would be crazy not to give it a go! Getting re-acquainted, experiencing how they evolved over the years and seeing if the initial spark is real is definitely worth your time. Have fun!

After dating for six months my boyfriend and I decided to live together. The first couple of months were great but lately he seems to never have time for me. He’s always busy at work or there’s some other obligation he has that keeps him from spending time with me. What should I do to get on his priority list?

I’m sure he still views you as a priority or else you wouldn’t be cohabitating. There will be times in all relationships where one has a pretty full plate. It may seem as if he’s avoiding you but chances are it’s just an “only for now” kind of busy situation. When you bring up this subject, it’s important to come from a place of being loving and supporting and not angry and ignored. Ask him to keep an evening open and when he does take him out to dinner… it’s a perfect way to catch up as well as have some one-on-one time together.

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