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Number Games

I’m a single man in my early 30’s, and I just started dating a woman who’s in her late 40s. Not only is she gorgeous but she’s a blast to be around. By some miracle she’s into me too and our relationship is off to a great start. The problem isn’t with us, but it’s with others and their perceptions about our age difference. How do we handle the backlash over numbers?

When we begin new relationships we’re happy, giddy, carefree and we want the world around us to reflect that mindset. It’s not always going to happen because there will always be someone with a problem. Not everyone is going to be happy and it won’t take much to fortify their unhappy mindset because they will grab anything to perpetuate it. In your case they’re grabbing the age difference, something that’s obviously not a problem for you two. The best thing to do is keep on living your best boyfriend/girlfriend lives and remember that it’s their problem, not yours.

I’ve been dating for a year and I’ve had over fifty first dates. Each one didn’t leave me wanting more with the person. This dating thing is so frustrating and I’m ready to give up. Is it suppose to be this hard?

The good news is that you’ve had over fifty opportunities to make a mistake, and you didn’t take the bait. It may not seem like something to celebrate and frankly you might be too tired to see why this is celebration-worthy, but in the long term it certainly is. The fact is that dating is hard; so much so that it can actually feel like a second full-time job. Like all difficult missions, maintaining the focus on the end result is paramount to success. The act of dating is a numbers game; keep going and eventually you’ll be on your last first date!

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