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New Attitudes

We’ve been married for five years and I feel like we’re in a rut. We always do the same things, be it the restaurants we visit or the stores we shop. I want to shake things up and do different things but my husband is quite happy with the routine. How do I break him free from this mould?

Showing him that new things can actually be fun is the way to go. Surprise him with an afternoon day trip to a new place and stop for lunch. If you’re enthusiastic, it will most likely be contagious, thus improving his attitude toward trying new things. Keep going to places you both like and throw in a new one here and there… a gradual addition of new won’t bring about a shock which in turn creates resistance, It’s a little difficult to “shake things up” during this time, but when there’s a will there’s a way that’s socially distanced, masked and safe.

I’ve been single for a while and attempting to date during a pandemic. I’ve had a few zoom dates and even a couple in person, socially distanced ones too. Each one seems like such a drag because of this situation that we’re in that I’m ready to give this dating thing up.

It’s all about attitude… try approaching each date with the same zest you would with a Pre-Covid date. In spite of everything, you can still make things fun, light and flirty IF you choose to make the date center stage and not the pandemic. Regardless of the masks or the Zoom chat, you’re still meeting someone new- focus on that and I bet you’ll see a difference.

There are times when my boyfriend is super moody. We live together and sometimes he comes home, says nothing and goes to bed. I try to get him to talk but he refuses. What can I do?

You can lead a boyfriend to a chair, but you can’t make him speak. All you can do is keep letting him know that you’re there to listen and be of unconditional support. Hopefully he’ll open up and share. If not, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that your partner is moody and doesn’t speak sometimes and decide if it’s a negative that outweighs the positives in your relationship.

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