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My Ex got married last week in what was the wedding of my dreams. Down to the venue and the flowers it’s exactly what I told him I wanted and I’ve been depressed ever since.

You’re losing sight of the fact that it was in no way your dream wedding because you weren’t there with the right guy making an eternal vow. The sooner you let go of the pomp and circumstance and remember that at the end of the honeymoon his betrothed has to live with him the better you’ll feel.

Since I ended my last relationship, every other month or so I get a call from my Ex asking how I am and if I’m seeing anyone. What does this mean?

Perhaps it means that you should let his call go to voicemail and forget to return the call. Obviously he’s testing the grounds for a potential reconciliation and if that’s something not of interest you’ll be doing both of you a favor by ignoring his reach-out.

My breakup was civil and cordial but now when I run into my Ex at social gatherings he refuses to speak. What gives?

Thankfully the ending of your relationship was painless and not involving restraining orders or police protection- and that’s a good thing! Everyone processes the end of the relationship differently, so if he’s in a place where a post-breakup conversation might not be civil and cordial you should respect his choice and enjoy others at gatherings.

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