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June Tried

We announced our engagement on social media six months ago and last week we mutually decided to call off the wedding. No invitations have been sent- not even the Save the Date cards. What’s the best way to un-announce the engagement?

Sometimes the best way to announce something is to announce nothing. By posting yourself living your best life without your fiancé people will get the idea. Some may ask and I suggest keeping the response short and sweet like “Yes, we broke off the engagement and everything is fine for both of us.” Less is more and it gets the job done without opening yourself up to a trying inundation of invasive questioning.

My boyfriend and I are compatible on every level except gaming. He’s fixated and I’m frustrated. It’s not that I can’t play along- I just have no desire to do so and I find myself resenting the time he’s online.

It’s important for couples to have their own time individually doing their own thing. I’m sure there’s a hobby of yours that’s best experienced without your boyfriend. Enjoy yours, let him enjoy his and have fun spending time together when you’re both done with your individual activities.

Now that I’m vaccinated I started online dating again and just like before the pandemic I’m having no luck. I’m ready to give up.

When it comes to online dating and dating in general, it’s a numbers game. It takes a lot of bad meet-ups before you have a great one, so keep trying and don’t give up. Online dating has many great benefits but it’s important to remember that it’s not the only game in town- try other avenues of meeting people in real time. Check out local events, take a class or attend a mixer. With patience and perseverance you’ll find someone special- don't give up!

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