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Happy New You!

2020 started with a breakup for me. I didn’t want the relationship to end so I decided to make positive changes in my life, specifically with my career and physicality, with the intention of winning him back. I ended 2020 by running into him. My changes definitely got a reaction and now he’s calling me to get together (he’s still with the guy he dumped me for). Before I would have jumped at this chance but now I honestly could care less. How could I have been successful at my goal and now not want the prize?

Motivation is very important in getting you there, but where exactly is “there"? You changed aspects of yourself to arrive at this destination but you didn’t expect other aspects to stowaway. It sounds like the best version of yourself doesn’t include your Ex… and that’s more than OK- it’s actually quite normal. Does someone who dumped you for someone else deserve the masterpiece you created? Does someone who dumped you deserve a second shot when they’re in a relationship with someone else? Thank the schmuck for the send-off and motivating you to get where you are… keep up the great work and enjoy the new view.

Once again, my in-laws never acknowledged their Christmas gifts from me. This is the fifth year without so much as a thank you and I’ve had it with the lack of gratitude. How should I handle this, as my husband won’t get involved.

First and foremost, this isn’t your husband’s fault- if he’s not part of the gift he’s not part of this equation. The bottom line is that one gives a gift because they want to give a gift and do so not seeking reciprocation or even a thank you. If you’re bothered by the lack of acknowledgement, simply take them off your shopping list.

Do you believe in New Year Resolutions?

Of course, as long as they’re realistic, worthy of one’s time to accomplish and with measurable results. They might be a pain in the ass to conquer but nothing feels better than the accomplishment in doing so. Highly recommend!

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