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Giving Shots, Getting Shots

So I met a guy at a gathering and he’s totally not my type physically but I found him to be very smart and quite funny. At the end of the evening he asked me out and out of surprise I said yes. Now I’m having second thoughts.

Which attribute turns you off most, the humor or the intelligence? Oh… it’s his looks. If you’ve always dated your type and you’re still single maybe it’s time to shake it up a little and date someone who doesn’t check all the boxes. The worst thing that will happen is that all the attributes you admire won’t compensate for those you don’t and if that happens you thank him for the date and wish him the best moving forward. But think about what would happen if they do! You might have had a first date with a perfectly imperfect man who’s leaving you wanting more. Give him a shot- go on the date.

I caught my boyfriend cheating and I forgave him. I caught him again and I forgave him a second time. My friends think I’m crazy but I know deep down he’s a great guy. Should I man up and not give him a third shot?

It’s not about manning up; it’s about understanding that he’s a great guy who's probably not great for you. Since you’re already asking about forgiveness for cheating a third time, there’s really no probably to it because you’ve already resigned yourself to another round. The only shot you need to care about is the one you need to give yourself- a good dose of courage and confidence to move yourself into a better relationship with a loyal partner.

I’m really afraid to get the vaccine and because of that I see online that most won’t consider dating me without having had it. What can I to to overcome my fear of this?

First and foremost, you should discuss your concerns and fears with your physician. Give them a chance to answer your questions and follow their health advice as you have previously. If your doctor feels that getting the vaccine is in your best interest, then remember how open your life will become once you have it done.

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