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Friend or Faux

If your friend receives a gift (which she LOVES) from her boyfriend and you can tell that it’s a fake, should you point it out?

If your friend loves the gift and the spirit in which it was given, you should smile and remain silent. She doesn’t need an expert to show her the signs of a designer imposter- she needs a friend who’s the real thing. Be excited with her and don’t rain on her Prada… I mean parade.

Recently I’ve discovered that a friend of my husband’s has been saying some very uncomplimentary things about him (damaging things actually). I was super surprised when I heard this so I can’t imagine how my husband will feel. The question is, should I tell him or let him find out on his own?

When you’re married you’re a team, and I’m a big believer in a united front. Yes, you should tell him because is it really fair for him to discover this only to find out his teammate knew all along? What not to do is tell him how to feel about the news. You provide the facts, he provides the feelings and the response. Defer to him as to how he wants to handle it and offer your support.

A friend came to me and asked for my blessing to go on a date with a guy I dated a few years ago. It took me a second to even remember the guy so I had no problem with it and told him to go on a date. Now that they’re dating I’m starting to feel like I missed out on a great guy.

Don’t forget that it took you a few beats to even recall that you even dated him. If you were really missing out, wouldn’t you have been pining away for him all this time? Focus on dating the right guy and be happy for your friend.

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