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Flashbacks and Repeats

Out of the blue I received a text from a guy I dated over a year ago. He said that he was thinking of me, wanted to see how I was doing and if I wanted to get together. Honestly I don’t remember why dating him fizzled, but there were no bad feelings caused when he reached out. Should I go out with him again?

Ultimately it’s your choice, but you need to remember… sometimes flashbacks are triggered by sight and sound with no guarantee of being pleasant ones. Set your expectations low and hope for the best.

I’m on a dating app after ending a five year relationship. It’s the same app I used to meet my Ex, so I immediately remembered profiles from five years ago. I also remember chatting with a few of the guys and even meeting a couple for coffee. Is it wrong to pursue a date from the past?

A lot can happen in five years, and I would hope that a past date would have had a life experience or ten to promote some personal growth, Same thing goes for you. The dating slate is clean and anyone you’re interested in is certainly in-bounds… even if you sampled from the buffet previously. Good luck!

Thanks to Facebook, I found an old boyfriend from college. He accepted my friend request, and we’ve been chatting. We’re both single and live relatively close to each other. Should I ask him out?

Timing is everything, and maybe the time is now. Ask him out and see what happens. Worse case scenario is that it will be a great walk down memory lane. Have fun, let it happen organically and enjoy every minute!

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