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Making the List

My partner cheated and it's all on the table. He feels remorse and wants a second chance but I’m just not sure I can ever look at him in the same way.

Overcoming cheating isn’t impossible but it definitely requires work on both of your parts. Your partner needs to prove his loyalty and commitment while you need to genuinely believe it. The secret to making this task a bit easier is to find some incentive to stay… or motivation to leave. Making a list of all the positives he brings the partnership and how those things favorably impact your life is a start in recapturing what you loved about him in the first place. Remembering your great past gives you a baseline to accept his efforts now. Conversely, your list might bring you to the realization that you’re both better off parting ways. Make the list, check it multiple times and choose wisely because you’re in the driver’s seat.

I’m getting married this year and everyone we’ve ever known is coming out of the woodwork asking for an invitation. I hate saying no because I’m a people-pleaser and I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I also don’t want to hurt our checkbook.

Congratulations on your wedding! Of course, the optimum word in that last sentence is “your”. Time to man-up, own the “your” and say no. It’s your day and if you want something small, stick with your wedding vision. Your friends who didn’t make the list will get over it and I guarantee they will still like your Insta posts of your big day!

My wife and I are moving to a different state and we can’t agree on packing…. She’s “Team Take” and I’m “Team Purge”. Help!

Aside from the necessary Three C’s (Clothing, coffee maker and cookware), take a look at all the “non-essentials” and ask her to pack her favorites while you pack up the rest… and I hope your new place has a lot of storage. After the excitement of the move is over, she’ll be better prepared to ditch things, but it’s not going to happen now.

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