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Cuttin' Bait

My partner and I are in our 70’s and although we are great companions and support to each other, our sex life has become non-existent. I’ve tried to initiate sex and I’m always given the cold shoulder. He actually said that we’re too old for “that stuff”. I’m really getting frustrated and for the first time in our relationship I’m thinking of stepping out.

Before you do anything drastic, I suggest another attempt at a sincere dialogue. Explain to your partner that your relationship hits all the marks but one important mark is suffering. Tell him that you miss the intimacy and the closeness that sex brings. Encourage him to share why he’s pulling back in the bedroom; perhaps there’s a good reason that just needs a great response. If all else fails, then cross the bridge of opening up your relationship.

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and he refuses to make a commitment. He won’t consider living together let alone marriage. I’m frustrated because I truly love him but I need more.

You might have answered your own question… you said that you need more. If that’s true, no matter how much love you give you’re not getting back what you need. If you can be content with the status quo of your relationship, then keep it going knowing that this will be the extent of the commitment and accepting that he’s the perfect guy… almost. If you truly want more, and he refuses to give, then it might be time to cut bait and drop line in another pond.

I suck at online dating. Sure I get dates now and then, but they go nowhere mainly because I’m not into them. I want to give it up but hate feeling like a failure.

Taking a break from sourcing dates online is ANYTHING but a failure… it’s just a break for whatever duration you choose. Unplug for a while and take the time to focus on yourself. Making yourself priority #1 will create a positive mindset yielding constructive results. The prospective gained will give you a new outlook on dating, be it online or not.

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