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The Waiting Game

My reality is that I can’t get over my Ex. I’ve tried everything and regardless of the distractions I create I just can’t kick loving him. What should I do? I’d like to move on but so far I’m failing.

I wouldn’t say you’re failing just because you haven’t achieved the goal of moving forward from your last relationship. I would say that you’re still in the race- you just haven’t crossed the finish line. You say that you’d like to move on, so I know that you’re sincere in your goal to do so and that’s half the battle.

There’s no timeline when it comes to moving past an ended relationship, and it’s not easy to do so. It seems to me that you still need to talk the whole thing out. Whether it’s a trusted friend or even a professional, I would find an ear and use it. The more you get it out, the more you fill up with new feelings that will propel you to the finish line. Keep up with the “distractions” because those are good for you. It’s all about you and your growth- it’s not about how quickly you move on with your life post-breakup.

You’ve got this!

I met a guy online and we’ve hit it off on text and on the phone. The problem is that with the holidays it’s hard to schedule a first date. I’m dying to meet him in person to see if we have the same connection in person.

There lies the challenge of online dating between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve… schedules are set, obligations are made, vacations are planned and making time for a date is somewhat impossible. Try your darnedest to set even an afternoon coffee date, but if that’s impossible, then keep the communication going and plan a date for January. It sucks, but remember that good things come to those who wait!

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