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Thankful, Grateful

My friend has tolerated a lot of crap from her partner but she remains in the relationship. I really want to see her get out and move on to a the great new life she deserves but she’s afraid. What can I do to make her see that being single with possibilities is better than being partnered with a prick?

Your heart is in the right place but the fact is that you simply can’t. She has to make the choice to change her situation. Trying to push her to take action will not serve her or your friendship. What you can do is to continue to be there for your friend as your support will be necessary if and when she makes a move. Believe me, she’ll be grateful to have a friend like you.

I’ve been dating a guy for three months and I noticed he’s still on dating apps. Should I address this with him?

Hmmmm… for you to notice he’s on apps, don’t you have to be on the apps as well? Before you throw the first stone, ask yourself if you want to delete your presence on the apps. If you truly do, then the conversation you initiate should be about exclusivity rather than accusatory about apps. You’ll be thankful you took this approach.

Are the holidays a good time to introduce my new boyfriend to my family?

Introducing a new love to your family is a holiday in itself, so why not spice up the season with one more thing to celebrate! Have fun, and I’m sure they will love him!

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