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I’ve been dating a guy for a year, and as much as I like him I question his reliability. I’ve had a few situations where I really needed to lean on my partner and he was pretty dismissive because he had other things to do.

Counting on your partner to support you when life’s not great is a pretty important thing. If he’s not supportive of your “stuff”, be it professionally or personally, it’s definitely something to think about before moving forward. It’s not easy, but you need to decide if this is a non-negotiable and act accordingly.

My relationship with my boyfriend has been great however when I was at his place I took a look at his bottle of Viagra and there’s a pill missing. I confronted him about cheating and he flipped. He denies cheating, but I’m not sure.

You say that your relationship has been great, but something made you count his pills. It makes me wonder what motivated you to look for the pills in the first place. If you’re confident in him why did you do it? Maybe deep down you do not trust him or maybe you’re trying to find a problem where there’s none? I would also ask myself why it was necessary to jump to the worse case scenario when the reason could be something reasonable. Perhaps you need to focus on figuring that one out before you discern whether or not he’s stepping out.

My new boyfriend asked me how many people I slept with before him and I really don’t feel the need to share that number (probably because it would freak him out). Should I lie and give a… slightly reduced number?

Honesty is always the best policy, but if you only count the blue-eyed blondes that number would be honest too, right?

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