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Judgement Date

I’ve been noticing a theme with a lot of online dating profiles, and I don’t like it. Many of the singles are being very specific in telling potential dates to “swipe left” if they have certain beliefs or attributes differing from theirs. From “no smokers” to “no Republicans”, these people are already drawing lines in the sand and doing so in a bitchy way. As a non-smoking Democrat I don’t want to date them just because of their judgment and one-sidedness.

Someone’s laundry list of No isn’t very sexy and it makes you question how they handle anyone who deviates from their likes and beliefs. Stating non-negotiables straight out the gate can certainly bring about a negative first impression, but I don’t necessarily believe it makes them bad people. Trying a softer, friendlier approach like “I’m a non-smoking Liberal and I’d prefer to date someone on that same page” leads to the same end. In the meantime, you have the right to swipe left and if you’re not feeling interest for any reason you know which way your finger should go.

I’ve been dating a guy for almost six months, and I know without question that he’s not the one. I need to end it but have no idea how to do it.

When it comes to initiating a breakup, you should use your head when speaking to your soon-to-be Ex because your heart has already spoken to you. Keep it short, simple and to the indisputable point using honesty as your main (if not only) ingredient. Keep it friendly and wish them the best. If they don’t handle it well, stick with the playbook of short, simple and to the indisputable point… no reason to elevate the conversation with anger from your side. It will be awkward, but it will be over in a second and you both can move on. Good luck!

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