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Eyes Swelled Shut

My girlfriend is angry because I refuse to sleep over at her place. The reason is a good one- I’m highly allergic to her cats. Within minutes of putting my head on a pillow I swell up. She thinks I should just get a shot or take a stronger allergy pill.

Perhaps she’s right about the meds, but she should make a little effort as well. Doing a deep cleaning of her bedroom followed by diligently denying her cats access would be a good move. Of course her cats won’t like that, but perhaps over time they’ll get use to it. If your relationship progression leads to cohabitation you’ve got to figure out a workable solution so everyone can co-exist under one roof… start the problem solving now.

I’ve come to the conclusion that guys look at my pics and swipe left because I’m chubby. I keep my profile honest even though I could choose pics only from the neck up. I’ve got a lot to offer and I’m making strides at getting in shape, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

It’s their decision to swipe left just like it’s yours to swipe left for whatever reason you choose. If your hypothesis is correct, remember what Little Donnie Dark’s mom said in Butterflies are Free… “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” If someone can’t appreciate your work in progress and have the vision to see the future you, they certainly can’t be there to support you in your weight loss journey. Would someone like that be worthy of your time investment? Most likely not. It’s a right swipe for a reason- those who swipe in that direction have the potential of being the right one. The right one just hasn’t swiped your way yet, but he will.

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