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I’ve been seeing a guy for a couple months and he’s really great but there’s one disturbing thing I’m noticing. The more comfortable he gets being with me, the more he allows himself to hit the cocktails. He drinks a lot when we go out, and when we chat on non-date nights he’s at home drinking after work. Should I be alarmed over his high consumption?

Obviously the siren has already sounded and you’re concerned. Having a conversation about it is the next step. Maybe he just has a few more than you’re use to having or maybe it’s a problem- the only way to know is to talk about it. Once you have it out there you can make choices accordingly.

I had a first date with a guy who got sloppy drunk, so much so I had to pour him in a cab and hope for the best. He’s texting me that he had a great time and wants to have a second date. How do I let him down easy?

When it comes to drinking and first dates, the cardinal rule is to maintain a two-drink maximum and your date’s behavior is a classic example why this is so. Unless your date was a total lightweight, he didn’t get the memo regarding first date drinking decorum. Simply return his text and say that you really didn’t feel the mojo and wish him the best of luck. Keeping your response simple and classy shouldn’t drive him to drink.

I’ve been sober for ten years, which I proudly state in my dating profile. I’ve noticed that some men I reach out to either don’t respond or respond with a “it’s great that you’re sober but I’m not”. Does being sober make me undatable?

It makes you undatable to those that don’t get it, and do you really want to build a relationship with someone who doesn’t get it? Congratulations on your sobriety, keep up the search and remember that he’s out there.

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