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Right Swipes and Left Hooks

It’s been three months since my breakup and I’m still in a slump that I can’t shake. I’m not upset about not being with my Ex; I’m more furious with myself for getting involved with such a narcissistic jerk. I keep playing the relationship over and over in my head and I’m so angry with myself for being so stupid.

Giving someone love, even the undeserving, isn’t a punishable offense. There’s no crime in giving love based on what you believe to be true OR what you were led to believe to be true. It’s time to step out of the boxing ring and quit beating yourself up. You made the mistake of putting your investment in a commodity without the benefit or reading the complete portfolio because you simply weren’t presented with the full and honest picture. When you’re ready to give love another try, just be a little more mindful before giving your heart… the deserving one is out there waiting for you!

So I followed the advice you gave a few months ago regarding my silent Tinder matches. I made the first move in initiating a conversation, and out of ten I had two conversations that lead to dates. What’s up with the other eight?

Obviously nothing is up with the other eight so unless you want to maintain your collection of silent matches, I would delete, forget and move on. The good news is that you were 20% successful with your matches… keep swiping and responding to matches and you’re closing clip will improve.

In the last month I feel like my online dating presence has come to a halt. My profile isn’t getting noticed and I’m not getting any hits. How can I fix this?

Sounds like it’s time for a little re-vamp of your profile. Add a few new pics and spruce up your copy, making sure it offers the right punch that makes the reader want to spend time with you. A little “re-packaging” will go a long way. Once you’ve accomplished this, pick three profiles you like and make the first move. I bet all three respond!

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