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Congregation Trepidation

I’m trying to take your advice and meet new potential dates in real time situations. My problem is that when I’m in a bar or at a party and I see someone I think is cute and available I’m too afraid to make the first move. How do I overcome this?

How? You just do it. Here’s why… When you go into a real time social situation, you’re alone and without any prospects. By not making the first move, you’ve increased the odds that when you leave the social situation you will do so the same way you came in- having zero potential dates and still alone. There’s nothing to lose by making the first move; there’s only a gain. If you try and nobody takes the bait remember that even the most seasoned fisherman has days with little to no catch. Do you think the fisherman sells his boat? No… they try again and keep trying, and so should you!

I’ve been dating someone for a little over six months, and I’m thrilled this has turned into a monogamous relationship. My partner’s parents are coming to town and he wants me to meet them. It’s obviously the next step but I’m scared to death to meet them.

It’s important to remember that you and his parents already have something very important in common and that’s the happiness and well-being of your partner. When it comes to commonalities it doesn’t get bigger than that, so you’re already going into the situation with a huge plus. Be yourself and the parents will fall for you just like their son did!

I never know what to say when I meet someone for the first time… is there a good icebreaker thing I can use as a go-to?

Absolutely- Start with a compliment like “Great shoes” or “I like your shirt” and ask questions. People automatically appreciate the thoughtfulness and fortifier that they make great and noticeable choices, leading them to immediately liking you... and the conversation is out of the gate!

What 300WORDS are best for you?

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