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Santa's Lap, Party of One

Being single during the holidays sucks. How do you suggest I get through this?

If you were partnered, you would place a lot of holiday focus on the one you wake up with Christmas morning, right? Try applying that logic to your “now” and place that holiday focus on you! Think of what you would spend both financially and in time, and put that investment in you. Treat yourself to a spa day or perhaps a shopping spree for a few new outfits. Depending on the budget, you might even consider planning a Single Guy Getaway (which might be your last if you meet someone special in the New Year). Besides taking care of you, the other key to single holiday survival is to keep busy. Say yes to invitations and spend time with friends and family. Their holiday cheer will spread and you’re sure to catch it. In no time, you’ll feel a little more holiday spirit and a little less holiday sucky.

I’ve recently met a few guys online, but with the holidays it’s almost impossible to schedule a date. Do I have to wait until 2019 for my next date?

You just might, and that’s OK. Online dating from mid-November through January 3rd is the most challenging time of the year due to holiday schedules. Office parties and family gatherings were planned way before these guys swiped right, so it’s important to remember that it’s nothing against you. If you can plan a quick mid-week or weekend afternoon coffee date then go for it. Otherwise, enjoy keeping in touch via phone and text and hold onto the anticipation of meeting in person for the New Year. You might just be saving the best holiday present for last!

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