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Turkeys, Tantrums and Timely Introductions

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three months and with the holidays coming we’re not agreeing on how to handle the meeting of the families. Part of me thinks it’s too soon, and he’s all steam ahead.

Three months in might be a bit too soon to star in your version of “Meet the Fockers” but then again all couples are different with distinctive trajectories. When it comes to meeting the family, you both will know when it’s the right time and you'll agree on it with no hesitation. That said, one mistake some new couples make is to rush the introduction process because of the holidays. If you think about it, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just days- days that repeat yearly and days that can be stressful to everyone involved. Meeting the parents and families can be nerve-racking enough- why would you add the holidays to the mix? There’s no shame in waiting until after the New Year, and think of the fun you both will have hearing about each other’s holiday adventures!

Thanksgiving is dreadful to me because there’s always a fight between my wife and me over where to go. Typically we try to hit her family, my family, then our best friend’s dinner. By the end, we’re both cranky and overfed. I’m over it and I don’t want to do this next year.

When Thanksgiving becomes a triathlon, the thankful feeling gets lost somewhere between the parking lot and the gas station. Here’s a valid Plan B for your consideration… take a long weekend and go somewhere fabulously romantic, relax while a professional prepares your feast and the only place you have to be on Black Friday is the spa. No driving, no worries and no fighting when you’re in an all-inclusive paradise. All you have to do is tell your friends and family, “We’re shaking it up this year!” and although they will miss you they will secretly wish they thought of it first.

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