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Choices and Candidates

I’m a single 54-year-old man in great shape with a great job and a pretty great single life. I’d like to date another man around the same age with hopes of it leading to a relationship, but most guys I’ve encountered online are only interested in pursuing the 35 and under crowd. Have I aged out of dating?

No, you most definitely have not aged out of dating. You have, however, aged out of dating someone who wants to date a 35 year old. It’s not your fault- it’s about their choice. One thing every dater needs to remember is that they’ll not be everyone’s flavor just like some will not be your flavor. The flavors can be virtually anything, from height, career, location and even eye color. And yes, age is definitely in the top three, if not the top. Keep looking, and eventually you’ll find the perfect carnivore with a palate for USDA Prime Aged Beef as opposed to veal.

Online dating is frustrating me because of politics. I’ll see a really great pic that makes me want to swipe right, but when I read about them, my take-away is that they're so angry about the current political climate that I doubt they have time to date because they’re too busy resisting.

Online Daters need to keep in mind that “going political” in their profile risks the possibility of a really great person with similar views but less vocal in expression to be scared off by the enthusiasm. Same goes for the person who may differ even slightly from some of your views. If this doesn’t matter because the goal is to a date someone who’s politically like-minded, then keep the copy as is.

An online dating profile is meant to leave the reader with a solid idea of what the person is about, so if being involved in the political process plays a large role in their lives, it makes sense for them to freely include it. It’s up to the reader to determine which way to swipe. If you don’t agree with their beliefs or you don’t see yourself having fun with a politico, keep swiping and you’ll soon find a candidate you’ll want to back.

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