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I met a guy online and after a couple great dates he confessed that he’s married. He presented himself in his profile as single and wanting a relationship. I really like him but feel totally blindsided and whorish for cheating.

Dishonesty in dating can be found regardless of how this date was sourced, so you can’t blame online dating. You also can’t blame yourself. You entered into a dating relationship knowing what information he provided and nothing more. Now you know, and what you do with it is your call. If you continue seeing him, then yes you are a knowing participant to his cheating. If you continue seeing him, you know that he’s kept the truth from you once and deception is an accomplished skill set. If you can live with those two facts and still really like him, then have at it! If not, stop seeing him and keep swiping

I’ve been dating a guy for three months and he’s got great taste in restaurants and activities for us to do. The problem is that these places are expensive. Even thought we always split the bill it’s adding up and financially I can’t handle much more.

If you’ve been dating for three months, you should be comfortable enough to have a conversation about finances and budgets. It’s not like you’re saying no more nice restaurants; you’re saying you want to cut back. My bet is that he’ll totally get it, respect your point of view and have just as much fun at places with a smaller price tag.

It’s always great to get a Tinder match, but what’s up with those matches never saying anything when you match?

It’s as if they simply view their matches as gay merit badges, right? There’s a way to call out that Boy Scout- make the first move at communicating. Say hi and give a compliment about their profile. Give them a few days to respond, and if they don’t, delete. Keep swiping, and eventually you’ll find a Scout more interested in getting a merit badge in fire-starting.

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