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Time for a Dating Profile Makeover!

I’ve had my online dating profile up for three months, and I’m not attracting a lot of attention. What did I do wrong?

Having not read your profile, my guess is that you didn’t do anything wrong. My guess is that you need to do a few things better. Updating and refreshing your online dating profile will give a fresh prospective to readers. Potential dates will be impressed and even those who read your previous profile might just learn something new that intrigues them to reach out.

Here are three things to do that will give your profile a good kick:

  • Be sure the copy reflects the best of you. It’s important to write copy that gives an honest look at who you are and the personality you’re bringing to a potential date. Make sure your words tell the story of you and not the story of what you desire in a date- your profile is about YOU! Give your profile a serious read and ask yourself if the words you wrote give you justice. Do your words really do a good job at “selling the product” that’s you? If you’re confident that it’s great, have a friend or two read it and get their feedback and make changes appropriately.

  • Update those pictures! Thanks to summer fun, I’m sure you have some updated pictures that rock. Choose the best ones to include or replace existing ones. Look at each picture and make sure your images are friendly, appealing and tastefully sexy. Also be aware of what’s in the background when your reader zooms in (and they will). Nobody wants to see a cluttered bathroom counter top or a messy closet.

  • Keep it light, keep it fun, and again… keep it about you. It bears repeating that your profile needs to be about you and not what you’re looking for in a date/mate. I always use the toaster oven box as an example. The box shows how the appliance will enhance your life; how it will make things better than the rest. It doesn’t tell the reader what kind of food it wants to cook. Make sure your profile lists your features and benefits, and how dating you can enhance make one's life.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be catching a lot of fish with your new and improved bait!

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