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Stop Signs and Green Lights

I’ve developed a friendship with my Tinder match. We hang out almost once a week and text all the time. He’s a hot guy that’s turned into a good friend. The problem is that I would like to take it from friends to dating and I’m not sure how to do that without risking the friendship. I’d be very happy just being good friends, but am open to exploring more.

Remember that you both swiped right, so obviously there’s an attraction. Since you’re already friends, do what friends do and have a friendly conversation. Make it clear that you really value the friendship and that you value him with or without taking it to the next level. What’s supposed to happen will happen.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting his friends… except for one. Whenever there’s a chance, this guy hits on me. I’ve tried letting him down easy, but he’s a persistent jerk. Should I tell my boyfriend? I don’t want the drama of breaking up a friendship.

Try one more time with a little less easy and a lot more firm. Tell him this is uncomfortable, inappropriate and never going to happen. I would add that you’d like to be friends for the sake of your boyfriend, but what he’s doing isn’t friendly to anyone. If a hard and final attempt fails then yes, you should tell your boyfriend. Just be cool and factual and ask his opinion on what this guy is doing. It may go back to him being just a weird guy, or it may be that he's in fact a creep who really isn’t a good friend to your boyfriend. Let the chips fall as they may- you made the attempt to handle it nicely and this guy blew that opportunity.

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