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Instructions, Introductions and a Lasting Impression

I’ve been dating a really great guy for three months. He’s everything I wanted in a partner for a long term, monogamous relationship. The problem? He’s horrible in bed. Unfortunately I’m not exaggerating. How can someone so perfect be so bad between the sheets?

Tough predicament, but one that’s not impossible to fix. Don’t be quick to throw in the towel… pull off that towel and coach him up! Communication is so important in all aspects of a relationship, and sex is definitely included on that list. I would tell him that you want to make your sex life even better (not better… “even” better- huge difference). Ask him what would really turn him on and be open to delivering. And when you share what you like, do so by showing him. He’ll catch on, improve on a few skills and you’ll see some much wanted progress. Remember, practice makes perfect!

I’m meeting my girlfriend’s parents, and I’m really nervous about it. Any tips on meeting the parents?

Deep breath and remember that the most important person in this new family already loves you. Your girlfriend is an extension of the parents, so of course they will adore you- and you must go into the situation believing that. To help it along just be your charming self. Maintain eye contact, be an active player in the conversation and be genuinely interested in them. All a parent wants for their child is for them to have someone in their life who gives love, understanding and happiness. When they see that you provide their daughter that in spades, you’re place at the Thanksgiving table is set.

I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for six months. What’s the perfect little gift to give him to mark the day?

I would re-create your first date, with the addition of a toast to the next six months. Being romantic, sentimental and thoughtful always wins the race! Mazel and have fun!

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