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I’ve been single for over a year and I’ve had a few good dates. I was at a party and spent the entire time talking to a really great guy I’ve known for a few years. The problem is that he’s a friend of my Ex’s. He asked me for an “official” first date, and said that he’s always had a little crush on me in spite of my being in a relationship with his friend. Is it OK to date a friend of your Ex’s?

Being approached by an Ex’s friend is pretty common, and the answer is simple. If you like him and want to explore the possibilities, then call him immediately and set that date! Break-ups don’t include a contractual obligation to never date a mutual friend that was their friend to start. All’s fair in the pursuit of a great date between two single, willing and attracted adults. Good luck and don’t look back.

What’s the best way to stop seeing someone? We’ve been dating for three months and I’m just not feeling a future with this guy.

Open and honest communication is key. Be sure of the truth and speak with sincerity. Stick to your resolve and don’t allow for any wiggle room in your exit plan as he may try to persuade you to change your mind. Wish him the best of luck and walk away. It may take a few blocks, but you’ll notice the return of the spring in your step as you feel the weight removed from your shoulders.

What’s your opinion of speed dating?

Speed dating is another opportunity to meet new people and perhaps one of them will lead to something more. I say go for it. Have a great time and fingers crossed you meet your next great date!

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