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Revamps and Refusals

I’ve been on an online dating site for about six months and at first I was getting a lot of attention. Now I feel like my profile isn’t generating any interest. Should I take a break from the site?

Did Madonna ever take a break? No, she reinvented and rebranded herself to maintain relevancy. If you’re sincere about using the site to generate potential dates, I suggest you make like Madonna and give your profile a little “spit and polish”. I’d start with your photographs. I’m sure you’ve taken some good ones over the holidays- use them. Also, take a look at the copy you wrote. Make sure it tells about YOU and not what qualities you want in a partner. Have a friend proofread your profile and consider their feedback, as he only wants to the best for you. Just remember that creating a winning online profile is just like creating an ad for a high-end product. You want the leave the reader wanting more! Be fun, flirty and put yourself in a positive light… in no time you’ll be attracting the kind of dates you want.

What’s the best way to say you’re not interested to an online pursuer?

Oftentimes saying nothing actually speaks volumes. They get that, but it’s a bit of an ego crusher. I suggest putting some good karma into the online dating universe and deliver an open and honest response. Be it “I’m only interested in dating men my age.” or “Honestly I don’t believe we really have a lot in common.”, responses like these are acceptable, kind and get the job done. Then follow with “I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your dating adventure!”. Responding as such is just the right thing to do. If they respond back with a rebuttal, then you revert to saying nothing, and allowing that to speak volumes.

What 300WORDS are best for you?

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