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Holiday Beginnings. Holiday Endings.

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months, and I know it’s the holidays but I really want to break up with him. We have plans for New Year’s Eve and I’d frankly rather stay home alone. Does it make me a bad guy for ending it at this time of the year?

No, it just makes you the guy who ended a relationship. If you feel in your heart that this isn’t a match, it’s better to end it sooner than later. Disregard the season and do what’s best for you and him (he may not feel that way now, but eventually he will) and end it. Be ready for some emotional fallout, but if you truly want out it will be worth it.

My daughter set me up on OK Cupid. I’m not sure I’m ready… help!

Why aren’t you sure? If it’s because you haven’t fully recovered from your last relationship, then I would explain that to her and hold off on the online dating until you’re really ready. If it’s because you’re just afraid of putting yourself out there, I would suggest you embrace the gentle push out of the comfort zone and give it a go. If you need some motivation and help in setting up a killer profile, take a look at my book, The 49th Challenge. You’ll be great- just remember to enjoy online dating for what it is- another way to cultivate potential connections. Don’t sweat the bad dates and find humor in everything… you’ve got this!

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