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Three's Company, and Three's a Crowd

I feel like I’m in a throuple- my boyfriend, his iPhone and me. He never puts that thing down. How can I get him to break up with it?

He needs to understand the importance of unplugging and connecting with you. It’s time for an honest conversation about how you’re missing that connection. Hopefully he’ll understand that connecting with you is way more fun than reading Facebook updates. Worse case scenario… if he doesn’t comply, ask if there’s something that’s keeping him from wanting to connect with you. The answer might not be what you want to hear, but the honest communication will at least take you to a place where you can begin to take action to fix the problem.

My wife and I just learned that we’re pregnant! My problem is that her parents have never accepted our relationship (mine are totally on board) and I’m afraid of what their reaction will be and how they will handle our news. It’s one thing for me not to be accepted, but not accepting our child will break my wife’s heart.

Mazel on the new addition! Your concern for your wife tells me you’re going to make a great mom! Babies have a lot of power. Without words or weapons, they can change your schedule, focus and outlook on basically everything. Babies can also melt the hearts of even the most stoic. Your baby might just be the game changer in how your in-laws accept your relationship. If your in-laws are committed to their non-accepting resolve and that choice trickles down to your child, you and your wife need to remember that’s their choice. All you can do is be sad that their choice is a one-way road to missing out on being part of a really great story. Over time, your in-laws may have a change of heart and if so I would welcome them into the fold without question- better late than never. In the meantime, the love that you both give this child combined with the love from family involved will be perfect for your baby.

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