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An Ask, a Tell, and an Unwanted Hug

My boyfriend took me to his office party and we were having a great time until I saw him hugging a former co-worker who was invited as well. The hug went on a bit too long for my liking, so I confronted my boyfriend about it. Huge fight followed on the way home. We’ve moved passed it, but I’m still conflicted. Was I overreacting like he said?

You fail to mention how many cocktails you enjoyed at the party, which may be what gave you the “liquid courage” to address the hug at that moment. The same “liquid courage” may have also tainted your perception of said hug. I’m sure you’ve been to other parties, and with each you walked in together and walked out together. At these other parties or any other time during your relationship has he given you cause to suspect he’s up to no good? If not, I’m thinking you overreacted. If he has, you need to really evaluate why you’re questioning his loyalty.

Is it OK to ask a neighbor out on a date? He lives on a different floor and is really hot.

If you ask, remember that if he says no, it’s ok… at least now you know and you can move on from the idea and onto the next. If he says yes and you go out and the date is fantastic… score! If it’s a not so great date, be ready to kindly smile and say “hello” when you see him on the elevator.

If you don’t ask him out, kindly forward me his number.

How soon is too soon to drop the “L” word?

Oh the memories of that first time saying “love”…. your question makes me smile. The answer is that there’s no time frame nor is there a race to a "saying it" finish line. I suggest that you say it when you feel like saying it, regardless of the time or place. Let it happen organically, and I bet the where and when… and her reaction… will make you smile for many years to come.

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