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Welcome to CraigRogers.nyc!  If you're here,  you must be interested in relationships, be it moving past a break-up, finding the perfect date or moving your relationship to the next level.  


Congratulations!  You're in the right place!


There's lots to see at CraigRogers.nyc:


  • Check out my new book!  The 49th Challenge  is available NOW! 

  • 300 WORDS is the place to be for getting your questions answered!  I'm on the ready to answer any and all dating/relationship/break-up questions you may have... ask away!

  • Take a look at various articles I've written on dating and relationships.


And most importantly, I really hope you find a few good laughs here too.  It's important to laugh.


Welcome to my neighborhood!  I'm really glad you're here!

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